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Functional Training

Simply means training our body to better perform the various exercises we use in our daily lives, such as lifting luggage, picking up things from the floor, climbing stairs or holding a baby during a phone conversation. The time spent developing motivation, flexibility, and agility will continue into your daily activities, making life easier.

功能性訓練意味著訓練我們的身體,以更好地執行我們日常生活中使用的各種動作,例如提起行李,從地板上撿東西,爬樓梯或在電話交談中抱著嬰兒。 這些訓練主要開發身體動能,靈活性和敏捷性,使生活更加輕鬆。

Correct Posture

The fitness program centered on functional training mainly includes weight-bearing exercises and exercises that do not even include weightlifting but pure exercises, with the purpose of retraining students for the best exercise. Both target the core muscles of the abdomen and lower back, as these muscles are essential for correct posture in our life.

以功能訓練為中心的健身計劃主要包括負重鍛煉或者可以不包括舉重而是純鍛煉的運動,目的是對學員進行最佳運動的再培訓。 兩者都針對腹部和下背部的核心肌肉,因為這些肌肉對於生活中正確的姿勢至關重要。


Pro of Functional Training

1. Maximize performance on strength, speed ,endurance, coordination as well as nimbleness .


 2. Assists your body adopting different  needs of movements.


3. Prevent hurts from moment from sports and daily tasks.


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